is a think tank where primarily we identify, understand and
work with the variables which govern people's free

We believe that differentiated, added and disruptive value
are the fundamental mechanisms to innovate permanently
to enrich our own spirit and to create both local and
international markets and to develop innovative labour
environments, where to properly find working posts for
our future illusion creating professionals and the
satisfaction of everybody's senses.

As our modern societies have, more and more frequently,
more free time, it is this said time which determines, more
so than working hours, the fulfillment of people, their sense
of goal achievement and the perception that all their work
has been worthwhile from a totally egocentric and personal
point of view.

Thus we provide tools that lead to the technical, professional
and rational management of free time, bringing forward
design capabilities and recognition of customer requirements
to give them proper entertainment in an orderly and coherent
manner in the short, middle and long

We offer different services:

- Analyses of the different aspects of the entertainment
- Design and production of special events conducive to
the proper use of free time
- Direct training for people who want to work managing
other people's leisure time:

International Seminars

Entertainment Management School